We offer the typical services you’d expect from Fee-Only Financial Planners and Investment Advisors.

Especially those acting in a fiduciary capacity with advice delivered by Certified Financial Planner™ professionals. What sets us apart is not necessarily WHAT we offer, but HOW we go about delivering it. Eveything we do has you and your unique needs in mind. You get the focus and expertise of a two-man team, and the reassurance of a friendly and trusted financial advocate.

Planner Clients are ready to clarify, simplify, and organize their financial life. They see value in in partnering with experienced advisors to take a holistic approach to defining goals, analyzing options, making informed decisions, and implementing strategies to achieve their financial goals. They want to address their questions, reduce financial worries, and decrease complexity so they can focus on what matters most in life. Planner Clients partner with us on an ongoing basis to stay informed, access expertise, and adjustments as changes in finances, laws, and life occur.
For Planner Clients, we custom design and implement an integrated financial plan that covers selected aspects of their financial life. These can include, but are not limited to, the following:

Building, Protecting, and Distributing Wealth
Portfolio Construction
Asset Allocation
Estate Planning
Charitable Gifting
Life Insurance
College Planning
Retirement Planning
ESOP and Concentrated Stock Planning

Planner clients partner with us, initially and over time, to manage and maintain their financial plan through on-going communication and collaboration that reflects changes in their life, planning strategies, the laws and investment markets.


Investor Clients seek professional knowledge, expertise, and support to align their investment strategy with their financial goals. They see the value in partnering with experienced Advisors to design, implement and manage an investment strategy, including investment research, analysis, and selection. Investor Clients view professional management as a way to accomplish investment objectives while freeing up valued personal time.
Investor clients design and implement an investment strategy appropriate to their situation, risk tolerance, and goals. Investor clients receive ongoing investment management guidance and service, which can include:

Investment Goals
Risk Tolerance
Investment Strategy
Investment Research
Investment Analysis
Investment Selection
Option Strategies

Clients experience support and communication as it relates to investment management. Important to this process is a qualitative discussion regarding client risk parameters. We follow a regular cycle to implement and monitor client investments.


Situational Clients seek targeted solutions for specific goals or situations. Situational clients work with us on a limited basis to seek guidance most appropriate to their circumstances and goals, which can include:

Investing Strategy (One-Time)
Life Insurance Analysis
College Projections
Annuity Proposal Reviews
Pension Rollover Analysis
Situational Clients receive guidance, advice, and service related to their specifically defined needs and concerns. Ongoing service and support is provided as it relates only to the work performed. Additional services, outside the scope of work defined, will be determined separately, as requested or recommended. Investment Management and Financial Planning are available separately.


investing for retirement ebook ipad - McClain Lovejoy
investing for retirement ebook ipad - McClain Lovejoy
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